Join Me As I Follow A New Trail

Y’all are invited to come along with me as I follow a new trail in my life. Truth be told, I’d appreciate your company since I don’t cotton to travelin’ alone. Oh, I love new experiences but startin’ over is a bit scary. I’m no Spring chicken, either, but hey, I don’t intend to sit around and let a new adventure pass me by.

I’ll always write the stories I love. You know the kind—contemporary small town romances with endearing, and often quirky characters.  Of course, the stories all take place in Texas because y’all know that’s where I was born and raised. There’s liable to be a cowboy or two to add to the fun.  I’m also testing the waters writing a Western historical romance, too. Not sure where this new trail will take me, but that’s the adventureous part. 

Life isn’t a straight line from beginning to end. An unexpected fork-in-the-road calls for a serious decision, but which one is the right one? Where does it lead? Will I have regrets? It’s not always easy to stay on the path, but if you’ve a mind to join me, then welcome to the trail. I’m mighty glad to have you along.